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A Satmar woman living in Brooklyn was having medical problems and the prognosis was bleak. A friend suggested that on a Sunday she go for dollars from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to receive a blessing. The woman was initially uncomfortable with the idea but eventually decided to do it. Before going, she had persuaded another Satmar woman to accompany her. As the ladies passed in front of the Rebbe, the first one told the Rebbe about her problem, the Rebbe vigorously motioned
with his hand in a dismissive way as if to say that the issue will go away.

Next came the turn of the woman's friend, as she was passing before the Rebbe, she heard him say "Refua Shloima" (speedy recovery). The woman was taken aback as she felt to be in normal health. Still, she became concerned. After coming come she was unsure whether or not to tell her husband, after all, they were Satmar chassidim and listening to the Lubavitcher Rebbe wasn't exactly something they had grown up with. She finally did tell her husband who, on hearing the story, was not only not upset with her, on the contrary, immediately scheduled a doctor appointment. 

After the woman was examined, the doctor said that they had caught the problem just in time and that if they had waited, the problem would have become much worse.

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